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Atlantic Tower is a contemporary base and tower design with reinforced concrete columns and beams framework. It is designed to offer great scenery views of west, east and north Accra through its see through glazed facades. The ground floor of the building incorporates a mezzanine. The upper floors are accessed by six elevators and a stair. There are two additional fire exit stairs for emergency evacuations. There are two main wings of the building with the
elevators and common areas serving as boundaries in the middle.
Occupants and visitors of Atlantic Tower can access the building directly from the Liberation Road. Vehicles access and exit the building
through the Airport Bypass Road. A general drop-off zone and reception area is on the ground floor level. The building has a total floor area of
23,671sqm out of which over 13,000sqm is available for letting and sale. A two level
basement provides space for parking over 250


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